On the "Heart Language" website, you will find important and necessary information for yourself, as well as software products aimed at maintaining your health

What advantages do you gain by consulting Experts who understand the language of the heart?

  • You will be working with an expert in their field who understands the physiology of the heart

  • The expert sees the functioning of your organs and systems in real-time and in dynamics

  • The expert will analyze both the mental and somatic spheres and determine what should be prioritized at the time of consultation

  • The expert will select the most effective methods for strengthening your health based on your individual needs

Thanks to understanding the "language of the heart" and unique methods of ECG analysis and processing, we have an objective understanding of how your body functions

Online consultation

This service will allow you to discuss current health issues with an Expert and develop an optimal lifestyle and wellness plan


Each specialist during an online consultation may rely solely on their experience, whereas we rely not only on experience but also on the current regulatory status of the body, which we observe through the heart


It all depends on your needs


If necessary, the expert will additionally consult your data with leading scientific institutes in the field of cardiac physiology to provide you with the most professional consultation possible


Wherever you are, you can reach out from any location for a consultation regarding your health condition


International Center for Medicine and Substance
Cardio-cloud - international online service for ECG processing
Institute of Introduction of New Medical Technologies RAMENA Open Company
Kyiv Medical University
SUM_LINE Service
Health & Beauty Club
Video Production Laboratory Anna
EMBIOTIC – EM-technology antioxidant protection Center
Pro Wellness
Home Instrument Lab
psychological assistance office
American Monitoring Company
The International Academi Of Fundamental Bases Of Being
Neuro KIDS Academy for Safe Child Development
Canada Wellness Club



Processing of medical-biological information (ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), creation of specialized reports. Remote monitoring and observation of health changes. Calculation of activation health improvement prescriptions, optimization of mental space, individual health improvement courses. In-person and online advisory services. Assistance with physical and mental health


Test-procedures for permanent makeup. Assessment of the impact of materials on the body and body reactions. Individual design and development of facial style


Seminars, courses, trainings, lectures, personalized education

Scientific research

Conducting research based on reliable assessment of heart rate variability with the creation of specialized reports