About us

The website`s author is Dr. Vladimir Lukyanchenko, President of the "Heart Language" Association, a Senior Category Physician, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Natural Foundations of Being, Leading Expert at the Institute of New Medical Technologies in Ramen, founder of the concept of the dualistic nature of the heart, and author of scientific discoveries in the field of cardiac and overall physiology

My current professional efforts are focused on deepening the understanding of the heart's function as the source of life, which is the essence of the concept of the 'Language of the Heart.' It's about what your heart can tell you about your physical, mental, and emotional state. I assess each user's health through what their heart communicates. This forms the basis for all methodologies and recommendations in the 'Wellness Lifestyle' project, where 'Wellness Lifestyle' refers to a lifestyle leading to health.

Director of Beauty Club Ekaterina Lukyanchenko is a master of permanent makeup and winner of an international championship in permanent makeup. The primary concept of beauty is safety for health. Test procedures will allow you to see how your body reacts to the materials and the procedure itself

"I pay great attention to the safety of permanent makeup procedures and the materials used for them. Nowadays, any procedure, if done correctly, can be safe for health. In our Beauty Club, you can undergo the procedure to remove low-quality permanent makeup of any age without harming your health"